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Love & New Adventures

I love the excitement of trying something new. Not too long ago a friend of mine introduced me to Cori. After the short time we spent getting to know each other, to my surprise she asked if I would be interested doing an engagement session for her and her fiancé, Todd. She had never seen my work!

I always look forward to opportunities to photograph something new, and I was beyond excited for this one. It turns out that Cori and Todd are the absolute perfect couple for a photographer's first engagement session. They are so clearly in love with each other, but they also share a love for exploring the outdoors and adventure. The Dells of the Eau Claire was the perfect setting for their session.

The weather that night was uncertain. As storm clouds rolled in, Cori and Todd were happy to continue their session with a few sprinkles, even climbing down steep rocks to get to a point below the bridge. I made it to the other side just as the rain started pouring down on them and they couldn't have been happier! It was beautiful and amazing. I can think of no better words to describe these two than love and adventure. I am thrilled that they are the couple that I am honored to share in my first blog post. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. I wish you many more years of love and many more adventures.

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