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The Beauty of Becoming a Mom, Part 1

Last summer I put out a call looking for a few brave mothers to model for a maternity session. I say "brave" because I know pregnancy doesn't always feel beautiful and it's certainly not comfortable for many, especially if it's not your first. But it is such a special time and definitely part of our stories that is worth capturing.

Personally, most of my friends are done having babies, so I was lucky to have lots of wonderful responses to my request. I wish I could have done a session for each of the women who contacted me, but the realities of finding a balance between work, photography and family kept me from doing that. Luckily, when you own your own business you can make your own rules, so I did pick two.

The Yeomans were the first of the two families that I chose for these sessions and they were such a great choice! (Although there were a few moments where capturing Amber's pregnancy was tricky since she has such a tiny tummy!) I wish Amber and James all the best as they add their third baby to the family in a few short weeks. It's sure to be a cute one if it looks anything like the first two! Congratulations!

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